About Metal Quartz

A profession: fine glazed and reinforced metalwork.

Metal Quartz is a manufacturer of high-security metal joinery that meets the specific needs of a number of activity sectors, including the banking sector in particular:

  • Metal joinery (doors, windows and partition walls) with the following performances: fire-resistant, burglary-retardant, bulletproof, anti-vandalism, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation
  • Curtain walls
  • Airlocks fitted with high-security locks
  • Reinforced counters
  • Anti-vandalism glazed façades
  • Secure letterboxes
  • Anti-ram barriers
  • Anti-vandalism walls (sliding or pivoting)
  • Various types of ironwork

Metal Quartz employs around thirty people on its site of 3,400 m² in Péruwelz.

Technical skills, innovation, rigorous selection of raw materials and permanent quality control allow Metal Quartz to produce high-quality products to guarantee your security.

Metal Quartz in Four points

  • Mounting and assembly


    Assembly and/or mounting carried out by its own teams
  • Design office

    Design office

    A design and advice service for all developments in terms of security standards and comfort
  • CAD equipment


    CAD equipment
  • Speed of realization

    Speed & quality

    Speedy realization and high manufacturing quality

High-level security for prisons, courts, police stations, etc.

Metal Quartz has developed a reputation and specific expertise in first-rate physical security. Metal Quartz notably takes part in the securing of Belgian prison outdoor joinery (grilles, barred windows, security bars, prison doors, doors with grilles, etc.). Metal Quartz has developed, tested and certified a range of new products that meet the Ministry of the Interior’s new security standards.

Thanks to a proactive design office that listens to the needs of the market, Metal Quartz is capable of developing new products in very short time frames and with an unrivalled level of quality, as demonstrated by a large number of certifications and licenses.

We can have the resistance of any security products developed tested and validated by recognised agencies.

Metal Quartz – Fine high-security metalwork

Production workshops

The manufacturing process

The manufacturing process is based on a ‘lean management’ operation with the following main objectives:

  • reduce the length of production cycles,
  • reduce stocks,
  • increase productivity,
  • optimise quality.

One of the main approaches is to produce as efficiently as possible: to improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations, reduce the costs of production and logistics processes, scrap operations without added value, reduce malfunctioning and waste (optimise production resources, reduce time and work expenses and produce what is strictly necessary just in time).

The environmental impact of production

  • No water consumption is necessary.
  • There are no specific CO2 emissions other than the ‘classic’ consumption (electrical supply and welding appliances).

So as not to affect the environment, 225 photovoltaic solar panels have been installed on the roofs of the offices and production workshops. These annually produce 55,125 kWh which makes it possible to ecologically and responsibly supply 2/3 of the total electricity consumption.

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