Burglar-resistant overhead doors and sectional doors RC3 – RC4

The burglar-resistant overhead doors & sectional doors are RC3 and RC4 certified. These are the result of the successful collaboration between two internationally recognized manufacturers, each specialized in their field. This results in a burglar-resistant overhead door that can be counted among the most reliable in the world.

Our burglar-resistant overhead doors are based on the high-quality sectional doors from ConDoor. Metal Quartz then brings their expertise by further optimizing and strengthening these gates, so that they meet the strict burglar-resistant levels RC3 and RC4 according to the standard EN1627-1630. As a result, we can guarantee that our burglar-resistant sectional doors (overhead doors) are not only aesthetic and functional, but also offer a high level of safety and protection.

Maximum quality for a long lifespan

The galvanized steel plates are provided with a protective coating, making the overhead doors resistant to deformation and corrosion and ensuring a long lifespan. All our burglar-resistant sectional doors are equipped with extremely stable panels with an exterior of galvanized steel (Z225, 225 g/m2) (in accordance with EN 10326) covered with a polyester layer of 25 μm. This product also meets the requirements of corrosion resistance class II according to DIN 55928-8 (EN10169-2).

Custom-made burglar-resistant overhead doors

All RC3 and RC4 burglar-resistant sectional doors are fully custom-made, then mounted and installed on location by specialized installation partners with experience in placing sectional doors.

The burglar-resistant sectional doors can be delivered in normal to very large dimensions. Within these dimensions, and taking into account a maximum surface area of 45 m2, these gates are RC3 or RC4 certified, depending on the chosen execution.

Our burglar-resistant overhead doors are CE-approved and certified RC3-RC4 (EN 1627-1630)

Our sectional doors have undergone numerous manual break-in attempts by our specialists in anti-burglary carpentry, and more.

They have subsequently passed the official tests for CR3 and CR4 levels of the EN 1627-1630 standard in a laboratory accredited to perform these tests, the BUILDWISE laboratory (formerly CSTC).

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Extra mechanical locking

The burglar-resistant sectional doors are equipped with an extra mechanical lock that is operated manually or electrically, depending on the burglar-resistant class RC3 or RC4. In case of electrical operation of the lock, the overhead door can also be controlled by various access control systems, including radar, videophone with door opener, badge reader, etc.

3 models of thermally insulated overhead doors

In addition to the burglar-resistant properties, our overhead doors also have insulating properties.

Model S40: high insulation value

All our S40 burglar-resistant overhead doors consist of sandwich panels of 40 millimeter thick steel, which slide into each other invisibly.

These panels are covered on both the inside and outside with a steel plate containing fire-resistant polyurethane foam (without CFCs), which provides a very high insulation value according to European standards and thus significantly reduces energy consumption.

The outer steel plate of 0.4 mm is folded 4 times on the hinge side to obtain a plate thickness of 1.6 mm, which guarantees the durability of the hinges and extends the life of the door.

The U-value of this panel is 0.561 W/m²K.

Model T40-ISO: even better insulation values

The T40-ISO burglar-resistant overhead doors are equipped with PVC end caps, PVC top and bottom profiles, a side seal with double lip and a rail insulator. These extra elements, designed to increase thermal efficiency, prevent thermal bridges and provide optimal insulation.

The T40-ISO panel is a product with an excellent price/performance ratio, where the insulating properties have been improved while maintaining the thickness of 40 mm.

Like the T80-ISO model, the outside of the panels is finished with a stucco finish and provided with horizontal grooves. The inside of the door is standard finished with galvanized steel, but can also be supplied with a powder coating in all RAL colors.

The T40-ISO panel represents an improvement of 25% compared to the S40 model and achieves a U-value of 0.53 W/m²K.

Model T80-ISO: with ultra-insulating panels

In the development and construction of modern industrial buildings, insulation is crucial. For example, it makes sense to choose sandwich panels of 100 mm thickness for both the cladding and the roof.

However, adding doors with only 40 mm thickness makes the initial investment less profitable. After all, cold air always enters the building where the protection is minimal.

On average, a sectional door remains closed more than 90% of the time. Therefore, a well-insulated door provides significant energy savings, while it is also ecologically and socially responsible.

Our T80-ISO burglar-resistant overhead doors offer the same options and finishes as the T40-ISO model, but with a double thickness of foam (80 mm instead of 40 mm). This makes it an interesting alternative to improve the thermal insulation of a building and achieve beautiful energy savings.

This panel has an impressive U-value of 0.289 W/m²K.

Burglar-resistant sectional doors & overhead doors RC3 / RC4 with various finishing options

In addition to the burglar-resistant and insulating properties of the overhead doors, we also pay attention to the aesthetic aspect of your sectional doors. After all, it is also important that these match your corporate style and the architecture of your company buildings.

The overhead doors are available in all common RAL colors and there are different finishes possible for the panels: various heights of the panels, non-grooved panels, grooved panels (with more or less space, with more or less pronounced grooves).

Within our Design-Line range, you will also find burglar-resistant overhead doors with a special appearance with even more contemporary structures and shades to emphasize a very modern industrial look.

The overhead doors are powder coated, with both the outside and the inside (optional) provided with a high-quality, UV-resistant paint layer with a high surface hardness, which is perfectly suitable for burglar-resistant sectional doors that will regularly be exposed to shocks and weather conditions.

burglar resistant overhead door sectional door ral colors

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Guidance systems for the burglar-resistant overhead doors

The burglar-resistant overhead doors are equipped with high-quality guidance systems that ensure the sectional doors open and close in a reliable and smooth manner. The rail systems are also custom-made so that we can provide a specific solution for every industrial building, every storage shed, and every installation situation.

Burglar-resistant overhead doors for optimal Safety & Security

Our burglar-resistant overhead doors are designed to provide burglary protection thanks to their performance, which has been tested and validated in the laboratory for levels RC3 and RC4 (EN 1627-1630).

But safety also means, above all, that users can use the door without risk. That’s why our burglar-resistant sectional doors and rail systems comply with the applicable product standards (EN13241-1) for “industrial doors, commercial doors, garage doors and gates” according to the Construction Products Directive (CPD) and the Machinery Directive (MD).

The overhead doors are also equipped with TUV certified safety components: spring break protection, cable break protection and slack cable protection. The provided protections are tailored to the size and weight of the burglar-resistant sectional doors that are installed at your location.

The burglar-resistant overhead doors RC3 and RC4 must be equipped with safety sensors (light curtain). Thanks to the light curtain, the entire opening is secured: as soon as a person or an object (e.g., a forklift) is in the opening while the door is closing, the door automatically opens again.

sectionele poort inbraakwerend WK3 WK4 Condor Metal Quartz

Our technical sheets

DOMQ 0003 | RC3-RC4 | Burglar-resistant overhead sectional door

File types : Documentation, Product sheets

Brands : Metal Quartz

Performances : Burglary resistance

Performance levels : RC3 + RC4

Product types : Overhead door / Sectional door

FTMQ 0100 | RC3-RC4 | Burglar-resistant sectional door

File types : Product sheets

Brands : Metal Quartz

Performances : Burglary resistance

Performance levels : RC3 + RC4

Product types : Overhead door / Sectional door

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