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Vandal-resistant doors: PortAppart

Fully secure reception thanks to a vandal-resistant intensive-use door

In developing the PortAppart, Metal Quartz has exceeded the requirements of the regulatory obligations. Each PortAppart is subject to a series of tests and trials to guarantee a very high level of performance. The test report doesn’t only include the door but also all the accessory and ironwork elements.

Made of steel, the PortAppart was designed to provide both a high level of security and easier maintenance thanks to a leaf mounted on hinges.

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General structure

  • The door unit will be produced based on steel profiles attached to one another by welding;
  • the profiles will have a depth of 60 mm and a plate thickness of 1.5 mm;
  • the glazing is kept in place using steel beading (option: clipped);
  • watertightness is assured by silicon seals.

The door pull handle must be made of 2 materials – metallised and thermo-lacquered steel for the section that encloses the panel or glazing and a brushed stainless steel finish with a grain of 240 for the grip section.

The unit forms a unique two-material profile. The pull handle will form an integral part of the leaf profile. No mechanical fixing will be visible.
The pull handle will cover the entire height so as to allow handling of the leaf by persons of all heights (children, persons with reduced mobility, very tall persons, etc.)

The pull handle will allow the placing of adhesive lettering of minimum width over the entire height of the pull handle.
The locking system will be built into the deadbolt and the pull handle, the block frame and leaf profiles will be flush, nothing will protrude.
The fixed section to the side of the leaf will be fitted with a control panel on which vandal-resistant components will be installed: buzzer buttons, intercom system, letterboxes, display panel.


Vandal-resistant doors are not subject to any particular standards or certifications. However, PortAppart meets the standards specific to corrosion-resistant materials and the preservation of surfaces (NF P 24-351); in addition, it proposes closing forces 3-6 according to standard EN 1154 A.

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