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Delivery of metal-construction security projects

As you may already know, Metal Quartz develops and produces an extensive range of top-security metal-construction solutions that are tailored to the needs of its clients. But are you aware that these possibilities are only the tip of the iceberg! Our company is able to develop all kinds of unprecedented and innovative solutions tailored to the needs of every single client.

But if existing solutions are not what you have in mind, we can offer you a more general expertise. Which comprises the study of project specific requirements towards the production of specific tools, machinery, plant and equipment, dealing with the various hurdles of analysis, research, development, testing and certification. All this can be done in record turnarounds and assuring the best possible quality!

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The project development process of Metal Quartz


    Study and analysis of client requirements


    The first stage is about the analysis of the performance necessary for each project. Account is here taken not only of the financial prospects related to the project, but also of the costs involved in the risk of adversity (financial loss or setback or damage to life and limb).

    We will of course always pay attention to the conditions for each project requiring the use of any metal-construction security and protection solution. So that we can be sure that the product we designed will be able to withstand all the usual wear and tear and is totally apt for the situation. Throughout this period you can rely on us to lend an ear and fully accommodate your needs.


    Research and development

    During this phase, the project is first realised in 2D and/or 3D before the production starts. This allows us to analyse the conditions for on-site installation and to make quite sure that it can be set up easily and under the best possible circumstances. For sure our plans will also include any structural connections; we will provide the implementation details.

    Safety standards compliance test (optional)

    If the client so requests, we can make arrangement to assure him that the product really does live up to all the expected requirements. This is subsequently tested against the various European standards in approved European laboratories. This guarantees the whole product’s technical performance. Moreover, it offers you a top-security solution.


    Before starting up the production of parts, we can always, if required, create a few prototypes of different construction models so as to give you an idea of what might best suit your particular requirements. Ably supported by our engineers, our expert welders can then focus on the manufacturing of parts in our production workshops in Péruwelz. Eager to score the best possible quality, we run strict inspection and tracking of all raw materials. We only work with the best suppliers. Component steel can for example be traced from the moment of its actual casting right the way through to the instalment or fitting in any given building or construction.

    Most of our products are EC certified. Yet another quality assurance!

Find out more about Metal Quartz projects

The Metal Quartz expertise can guide you through all kinds of security challenges for all businesses and public administration departments such as:

  • FPS Justice (BE)
  • Police (BE)
  • Sécurité Diplomatique (FR)
  • Trésor Public (FR)
  • Belgian Buildings Authority (BE)
  • Courts (BE)
  • Foreign Embassies
  • Prisons
  • Belgian Defence (BE)
  • National Institute for Radioelements (BE)
  • Banque Populaire (FR)
  • Monoprix (FR)
  • ING Bank (BE)
  • B-Post (BE)
  • Alstom (FR)
  • NATO

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