Our new burglary-resistant sectional doors passed the tests successfully

METAL QUARTZ develops its own range of burglar-resistant sectional doors.

And in order to be able to attribute burglary-resistant properties, the sectional door must of course undergo the necessary tests. The gates were tested by the BBRI according to the standard EN 1627-1630.

Our new burglar-resistant sectional doors are approved for level RC3 and RC4. This means that for 5 minutes (RC3) and 10 minutes (RC4) respectively, the door may be attacked with screwdrivers, crowbars, (heavy) hammers, hand drills, pin drivers, axes, chisels, metal shears, bolt cutters and cordless drills, without being able to get through te door or to open it.

burglar-resistant sectional doors RC3 RC4


In the near future, the burglar-resistant properties can also be cumulatively supplemented with bullet-resistant properties and EMC shielding (protection against electromagnetic radiation).

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