Security booths

As security issues and weapons have evolved, physical protection against attacks has become the primary function of the gatehouse.

The security gatehouse is now equipped with different means of security and alert, and it is covered with bullet-proof steel because its primary purpose is the protection of the people inside it. Indeed, the gatehouse protects the guardian, the ticket-seller or the soldier on duty from attacks, attempted robbery or hostage situations.

Faced with different threats and depending on the circumstances, guardians will be able to slow down and/or respond to the attack, alert the protected building of the threat independently, contact a control room for immediate dispatch of security forces and/ or reinforcements, etc.

Armoured security gatehouses, or sentry boxes, are also useful for accommodating sales or ticketing staff during temporary events such as sports events, cultural or political events, festivals, etc.

Metal Quartz - Guérite de sécurité

Our technical sheets

FTMQ 013 | RC3 to RC6 | FB3 to FB7 | Armoured security gatehouses

File types : Product sheets

Brands : Metal Quartz

Performances : Bullet-proof, Burglary resistance

Performance levels : AK47 + FB3 + FB4 + FB5 + FB6 + FB7 + RC3 + RC4 + RC5 + RC6

Product types : Guardhouse

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