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Security booths

As security issues and weapons have evolved, physical protection against attacks has become the primary function of the gatehouse.

The security gatehouse is now equipped with different means of security and alert, and it is covered with bullet-proof steel because its primary purpose is the protection of the people inside it. Indeed, the gatehouse protects the guardian, the ticket-seller or the soldier on duty from attacks, attempted robbery or hostage situations.

Faced with different threats and depending on the circumstances, guardians will be able to slow down and/or respond to the attack, alert the protected building of the threat independently, contact a control room for immediate dispatch of security forces and/ or reinforcements, etc.

Armoured security gatehouses, or sentry boxes, are also useful for accommodating sales or ticketing staff during temporary events such as sports events, cultural or political events, festivals, etc.

Our product sheets

Burglary resistanceRC3 - RC4 - RC5 - RC6
BulletproofAK47 - FB6 - FB7
Thermal insulation(depending on the request)
Acoustic performance(depending on the request)

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Laboratory Tested & Certified

To ensure the level of security during these operations, our gatehouses are tested in official laboratories and conform to the European burglary resistance and bullet-proof reference standards. We perform these tests in the following official laboratories.


For burglary resistance (EN 1627-1630):

  • CNPP – National Centre for Prevention and Protection (FR)
  • BBRI – Belgian Building Research Institute (BE)

For ballistics (EN 1522-1523):

  • Banc national d’épreuve de Saint Etienne (FR)
  • Department of Weapons Systems and Ballistics at the Belgian Royal Military Academy (BE)



  • On studs (adjustable in height from 28 to 1,120 mm – to account for level differences of up to 10%);
  • on slab (with or without ground fixtures).



  • ‘Ready to use’: Gatehouse transportable by crane and/or lift hoist;
  • ‘to assemble’: Gatehouse to assemble on site by bolting; on slab or studs.


Joinery fittings

  • Bullet-proof counters with or without document pass tray;
  • single and double doors; solid, semi-glazed or fully glazed;
  • partially or fully glazed partitions;
  • compliant technical gaps.



  • Complete electrical system (including panel with circuit breakers, lighting, emergency lighting, electrical outlets, protection of power cables, etc.);
  • fitted interior with furniture and trimming;
  • constant room temperature provided by an air conditioning and recirculation unit;
  • external finishing with paint or cladding with aluminium panels or printed films, which also serve as a communication medium.


Additional safety measures

  • CCTV (video monitoring);
  • access control and electronic security;
  • telecommunications, alarm system.

Examples of configurations

The armoured security or control gatehouse can be used to keep staff safe who are working outside and carrying out access control for sensitive sites such as:

  • Power production plants (nuclear, electricity, etc.)
  • Embassies, diplomatic hubs (Foreign ministry)?• Military buildings (ministry of defence)
  • Prisons, courts, etc. (ministry of Justice)
  • Judicial police, forensic police, gendarmerie (ministry of interior)
  • Industrial sites (SEVESO, petro-chemistry, laboratories, etc.)?• Valuables storage sites?• Buildings classified as ‘top-secret defence’
  • Border posts, airports, etc.
  • Places of worship, terrorist targets
  • Administrative and financial nerve centres

They may also be used to temporarily shelter emergency services or law enforcement (police, army, red cross, fire brigade, etc.).

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