Burglar-resistant ventilation grilles class RC3, RC4 and RC5

In line with the increasing demand for data security, we started manufacturing burglar-resistant ventilation grilles in 2021. These are not only a perfect addition to our Bunkerkits for data centers, but can also be used in existing data centers.

After all, data must not only be protected against electromagnetic threats, but also against intrusion. It goes without saying that the doors and windows are secured against burglary. But often we see that vulnerable possible entrances such as vents are overlooked.

Burglar-resistant up to class RC5

By also protecting these ventilation openings with burglar-resistant bars, the whole forms an impenetrable security barrier against burglary attempts up to class RC5. At the end of 2021, the gratings successfully passed the conformity tests for the burglar-resistant classes RC3, RC4 and RC5 according to the  EN1627-1630 standards.

The minimum dimensions are 45 × 45 cm, the maximum dimensions 2 m x 2 m. By combining several elements, it is perfectly possible to adequately protect an entire wall.

Applying the ventilation grilles to all potentially vulnerable openings ensures homogeneous protection of all walls, entrances and openings of data centers and other vulnerable rooms and buildings.

inbraakwerende ventilatieroosters datacenters

Typical Applications

Some typical applications we have performed are:

  • securing the ducts for air conditioning and ventilation
  • securing the air supply and ventilation openings for emergency generators
  • securing the pressure relief valves for the rapid extinguishing of fire in data centers by means of gases

The use of the grilles does not have to be limited to securing ventilation openings for data centers. There was also a lot of interest in our new ventilation grilles from other sectors. No sooner had the tests passed than the orders were pouring in. Usually for high security projects where ventilation of premises is of great importance. For example, we have now supplied more than 370 secure ventilation grilles for telecom operators and various data centers, among others.

High production capacity

Thanks to our two production locations in Péruwelz and Deinze, we are very flexible to quickly deliver and install large numbers. Our standardized procedures ensure that the ventilation grilles are always manufactured in accordance with the requirements and standards.

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