Circular GPI 91: securisation of police stations and precincts

police offices and stations securisation solutions / Introduction of new standards

The Belgian Ministerial Circular GPI 91 of 30 April 2019 on “minimum standards for secure reception areas” introduced a number of security measures (which are defined by precise standards) for police buildings in order to better protect the first-contact staff.

All future police buildings will have to be brought into compliance, while existing buildings have until 1 February 2029 to adapt their premises, although the adaptation speed must depend on the analysis of different entities.

The circular covers several types of measures to be taken:

  • Passive (resistance of materials and equipment, etc.)
  • Active (access control, etc.)
  • Electronic (camera, identification, detection, alarm system, etc.)
  • Organisational (withdrawal, reaction and intervention procedure, etc.)

These measures may, however, be adapted thanks to derogations granted after a risks and general context analysis subject to approval from a basic consultation committee.

Metal Quartz : preferred partner for bringing police stations up to standard

Metal Quartz has many years of acquired expertise in the securisation of buildings and persons, and this up to the highest levels of specification. Such security levels are made possible by our range of bulletproof and anti-intrusion products, our Bunkerkit reinforced partition walls and our versatile, multi-resistant Heinen doors. The combination of all these ranges allows us to offer our clients advanced solutions.

Many projects for police buildings all over the world

The quality of our products has earned us more than 120 references for police station and office projects not only in Belgium, but also in many other countries: France, Canada, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc.

With a high degree of personalisation for each project

Parcel pass-through according to bullet-proof protection standard EN 1522-1523
Parcel pass-through according to bullet-proof protection standard EN 1522-1523

Although we have a wide range of certified products, the specific character of each situation sometimes implies a real need for specialisation. To be able to meet the most complex needs we have a specialist dedicated to the support of projects concerning the securisation of police stations and offices.

Her role is to meet with the person in charge of the police station renovation so as to analyse the requirements. She then acts as the spokesperson for the client to the internal research and development office so that it can develop a totally dedicated and made-to-measure project.

In 2019 we developed for example an entirely compliant parcel pass-through system with electric control.

The security requirements concerned a bullet resistance (in accordance with the standard EN 1522-1523), but the existing products did not offer any comprehensively compliant solution. Furthermore, there was a particular requirement for the dimensioning of the parcel pass-through so that it could take the passage of large volumes. Nothing met this requirement.

In order to satisfy the client’s needs we arranged the following items in one month:

  • Developing the solution
  • Validating according to standard EN1522-1523
  • Making the product
  • Providing a varnished solution
  • Delivering the parcel pass-through

It is this type of personalisation that makes Metal Quartz so suitable for bringing police stations and offices into compliance with the relevant standards. Actually, the circular may well have spoken of compliance with the standards towards a standard level of protection but, in reality, no two projects are alike. This may have to do with the configuration of the premises, but also with the Circular GPI 91 that stresses the possibility of standard adaptation according to the circumstances and potential risks.

Recap of anti-intrusion standards

Recap of bulletproofing standards

You can just download our brochure on the products adapted for the police by signing in on our downloading space.

Download our POLICE catalog

If you have very specific requirements or precise questions, do not hesitate to contact us for more information from our specialist.

Contact us if you have any questions about a standard compliance project.

With Metal Quartz all the securised zones can be attended to and adapted:

    • the frontage elements and external joinery structures of the building
    • the reception office
    • the desks
    • the doors and frames
    • the waiting rooms and double-door security lock
    • the cell doors
    • weapon storage spaces
    • gridded doors and frames.

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