Optimizing our production for the future: timely investment in new CNC machines

For the Metal Quartz production workshop in Péruwelz, we have invested in two new state-of-the-art machines:

LVD Easy-Form Hydraulic Press

The Easy-Form is an intelligent and high precision bending machine thanks to the integration of adaptive bending technology. Any variations in sheet thickness, work hardening and rolling direction are corrected in real time.

LVD Phoenix FL Laser Cutting Machine

Phoenix FL is a versatile fiber laser cutting machine and cuts a wide range of material types and thicknesses. Thanks to the powerful functions and the high dynamics, the system is constantly productive. The Phoenix we purchased can handle large formats and is equipped with advanced automation.

phoenix fl-6020 laser

The timely investment in new CNC machines in a production workshop is of great importance for several reasons:

Improved efficiency: Newer CNC machines are faster, more accurate and more reliable than older models. They reduce production time and increase production capacity.
Cost Savings: Modern CNC machines are more energy efficient and require less maintenance. This results in lower operating costs over the long term.
Competitive Advantage: Keeping technology up-to-date keeps us competitive in the marketplace. By investing in new machinery, we can offer more complex and higher quality products, enabling us to better meet the needs of our customers.

The new machines have already proven themselves

On March 27, the controversial trial of 37 suspects opened before the Liège Court of Justice for importing tons of cocaine, possession of weapons and establishment of cannabis plantations. Faced with the risk of a trial of such magnitude, the Court of Appeal is transformed into a fortified castle, including bulletproof screens.

And the new machines in the Metal Quartz production workshop have already proven themselves. Thanks to the high productivity of both machines, we were able to react very quickly and produce and install all the panels and bulletproof screens requested on time. Without these new machines, we would not have been able to complete production in such a short time.

This project was carried out in close collaboration with our partner Entreprise E. Devillers.

Timely investment in new CNC machines contributes to the growth and success of our production workshop, improving efficiency and product quality while reducing costs and remaining competitive in the market.

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