Forster & Metal Quartz : a solid team

Metal Quartz plus Forster steel systems: a perfect match?

Did you know that Forster, a company known for the quality of its steel profile systems, makes the profiles used in the high security solutions offered by Metal Quartz?

Metal Quartz was originally a maker of ‘standard’ steel joinery systems just like so many other ‘metal men’ who are producing steel doors and frames. Even back in those early days the company chose to work with Forster profiles which offered an exceptionally sober, elegant design and outstanding thermal insulation performances.

Metal Quartz then soon specialized in high security joinery, in particular by designing the Bunkerkit and winning prizes for innovation thanks to the wonderful invention of the modular strong room. Its clientele has expanded from ‘traditional’ joinery fitters and general contractors to include more demanding partners and clients in terms of security performance. With a perfect mastery of the range and a particular appreciation for Forster’s aesthetic, it was only logical that Metal Quartz should seek the services of that company to develop new top-quality products with anti-burglary and bulletproof characteristics completing Forster’s standard range.

In fact, our performances levels complement those of the Forster profiles. We offer performances ranging:

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“Ready-to-install” security doors and frames for joiners

Metal Quartz encourages the cooperation with joiners who are used to supplying ‘standard’ doors and frames from the Forster range.

In fact, assigning the ‘high security’ part of the joinery orders to Metal Quartz allows the metal men to turn out either entire files or batches containing only certain elements of high security joinery.

The metal men could then concentrate their activities on producing good quality and standard steel joinery systems at the right price. After all, the development of a range of high security metal joinery calls for important investments in R&D, the CE certifications and the tests required under the European standards.

Metal Quartz therefore delivers ready-to-place joinery in compliance with the European safety standards, and this in a range known and recognised by FORSTER manufacturers and fitters.

Why did we choOse Forster profiles for our joinery ?

There are many reasons:

  • An extensive network of manufacturers and fitters

Forster has a huge network of manufacturers of long standing. The numerous installers master the range of profiles, which guarantees quality fitting for our clients, subject to additional training provided by Metal Quartz (for specific details about high bulletproof and anti-burglary performance).

  • Good looking high-quality steel profiles

Another plus is that the Forster profiles are made of steel, unlike the many and various aluminium solutions available on the market. This type of joinery is so much finer than any conventional aluminium solution, especially because advanced bulletproof, anti-burglary or firebreak solutions are added. In fact, steel has a higher mechanical resistance, giving a result with elegant, slender lines, even in the larger dimensions.

Being able to produce finer solutions also means that they can be made to look much more attractive and less obtrusive, which is a considerable bonus for certain sectors in which the reception plays a crucial part and where the security aspect must be played down as much as possible. This is the case in for example the banking or luxury sector, but also in the reception areas of police stations or government buildings.

  • Non-splitting glazing for better security

As a steel profile is stronger, it is possible to easily include thicker and heavier glazing in the steel frame. For example, the use of ‘non-splitting’ double glazing (bulletproof glazing that stops the bullet and prevents the scatter of glass fragments) that is much heavier than ‘splitting’ windows.

Forster products used by Metal Quartz

We use 3 ranges of profiles:

1/forster presto

coupe forster presto

This is suitable for applications without thermal insulation and is intended to use in windows and doors with one or two leaves with high resistance requirements. To this product we can add our own performances and certifications for this level:

Level reached by Metal Quartz: FB6

2/forster unico

coupe forster unico

This profile made of recyclable steel has all the finesse of a Forster product while also being a perfect fit in applications with thermal insulation. To this product we add our own high security solutions that we have had tested and certified in the official laboratories in accordance with the European standards currently in force:

Levels reached by Metal Quartz: AK47, FB5, FB6, FB7

With or without inclusion of anti-burglary: RC4

3/forster fuego light

coupe 3D forster fuego light

The last range produced in our assembly shops, the fuego light, with its firebreak performance, comes as an addition to the anti-burglary and bulletproof ‘home’ ranges. For this range we use the Forster fire test reports, guaranteeing fire resistances up to level EI120.

In single and double doors:

EI1 30 / EI2 30 (+RC2) (+RC3) / EI1 60 / EI2 60 / EI2 90

In fixed frames:

EI30 (+RC2) (+RC3) / EI60 (+RC2) (+RC3) / EI90 / EI120

Download our technical documentation for more information about our security solutions

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