Bulletproof AK47 and FB4 to FB7 Bulletproof AK47 and FB4 to FB7

There are currently two European reference standards for ballistics, which cover the testing and classification of resistance to attack by bullets:

EN 1063: for tests on glass in the construction (security glazing).
EN 1522-1523: for tests on windows, doors, shutters and blinds.

These standards include:

  • the elements of construction subjected to tests;
  • a different classification illustrated by the letters ‘BR’ for classes of glazing and ‘FB’ for classes of windows, doors, shutters and blinds;
  • tests which are only carried out for the core of the element for standard EN 1063, additional tests that also test the joints and structures for standard EN 1522-1523.

The standard regulates a series of parameters to provide a framework for the laboratory tests in order to obtain comparable test results. Ballistic tests have to be conducted following the procedure laid down in standard EN 1522-1523 and by approved official laboratories. We carry out our bulletproof tests in two of those official laboratories:

  • the Banc National d’Epreuve of Saint Etienne (France);
  • the Laboratory of the Department of Weapons Systems and Ballistics at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels (Belgium).

During EN 1063 tests, the impacts, of which there are three, are directed at the centre of the tested glazing, in such a way as to check the resistance of the element’s intrinsic composition. This test also takes place for doors and windows (EN 1522-1523). In addition to this first test, standard EN 1522-1523 checks the joints between the various elements.

Bulletproof performance | Ballistic test


An example of completed tests with the various impact points over a sample of frames in a fixed glazed version, a fixed solid version and a hung version follows below.

Each joint will be tested by 3 shots at different points (apart from the lock test and cylinder which are unique).


Double door – Bulletproof frame


  1. junction between glazing and crossbeam
  2. junction between full infilling and crossbeam
  3. junction between fixed frame and block frame
  4. junction between leaf and doorsill
  5. junction between leaf frame and block frame, lock side
  6. junction between leaf frame and block frame, hinge side
  7. junction between glazing and leaf profile
  8. lock
  9. cylinder
  10. junction between block frame and masonry*

* this point is not imposed in the standard but for the sake of coherence and rigour, we are setting this test in order to have a complete solution guaranteed to be bulletproof.

The classes and values

Bulletproof performances - table of standards

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