Prison Prison

AE20 performance is not a standardised European performance. It is specific to the prison sector in Belgium.
This is a specific application of the burglary resistance performance for prisons, characterised by the fact that the attackers are entitled to 2 drilling attempts. During the test, two people try to pierce the door for 20 minutes, either taking turns or simultaneously.

Perimeter classes

The AE20 performance is divided up into 4 different classes, P0 to P3, based on the security perimeter level of the prison.
The closer we get to the heart of the prison building (class P3), the lower the performance level expected.

  • Class P0

    Class P0

    Concrete perimeter wall, doors and gates in this wall. This is the primary protection of the prison against the outside world.

    Static pressure 75 kN

  • Class P1

    Class P1

    Designates the possible locations of building exits, entrances to sites with a higher level of security or places where extreme attacks could take place.

    Static pressure 35 kN

  • Class P2

    Class P2

    Designates the places where the prisoners are allowed alone or in groups, but where a penetration of the perimeter or an escape from the buildings is not possible.

    Static pressure 25 kN

  • Class P3

    Class P3

    Designates the places the prisoners can pass through or where they can work in a group of limited size and always with supervision.

    Static pressure 5 kN

Test with static pressure

This test is always carried out in the direction of opening of the leaf. A force of 5, 25, 35 and 75 kN (depending on the perimeter class) is applied at the centre of the joinery. The pressure is applied using a hydraulic pump. The test is conclusive if no opening is created when the required pressure limit has been reached. The success of the test is confirmed by the issuing of a report.If the tested element is a door, it should still be able to be opened, closed and locked with a key after the test. The door is tested in a normal locking situation (with or without locked deadbolt).

Static pressure

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Our technical sheets

FTMQ 0901 | RC3-RC4-RC5 | Fixed grilles

File types : Product sheets

Brands : Metal Quartz

Performances : Burglary resistance

Performance levels : AE20 + RC3 + RC4 + RC5

Product types : Security Grille

FSIC 0007- Sector fiche : Police & Justice (prisons)

File types : Documentation

Brands : Bunkerkit, Metal Quartz

Performances : Bullet-proof, Burglary resistance, Electromagnetic protection

Performance levels : AE20 + AK47 + FB3 + FB4 + FB5 + FB6 + FB7 + RC2 + RC3 + RC4 + RC5 + RC6

FTMQ 012 | Doors and fixed frames for prisons (FR)

File types : Product sheets

Brands : Metal Quartz

Performances : Burglary resistance

Performance levels : AE20

Product types : Hung door and fixed frame

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