Automatic sliding doors

Metal Quartz provides fine made-to-measure metalwork which integrates reinforced infilling with fine steel profiles that have an understated and sleek design.

The tests on each product guarantee our customers the level of performance of the proposed solution.

The ‘quality’ requirements imposed on the production workshops go well beyond the statutory obligations: in this way, to obtain a test report that registers a pass, all components of the solution are subjected to testing, even the glazing, which is itself already compliant.

Our product sheets

Bulletproof AK47 and FB4 to FB7

BR5 or BR6 glazing, or FB5 sandwich panel.



Sliding assembly with 1 sliding and 1 fixed section.
Left or right.
Infilling: BR5 or BR6 glazing, or FB5 sandwich panel.



Maximum 3.60 m2 per leaf.


RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES (certified with the assembly

  • Backup battery.
  • TORMAX iMOTION 2401 motorisation.

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