Porte battante double Metal Quartz

Double hung doors

Metal Quartz provides fine made-to-measure metalwork which integrates reinforced infilling with fine steel profiles that have an understated and sleek design.

The tests on each product guarantee our customers the level of performance of the proposed solution.

The ‘quality’ requirements imposed on the production workshops go well beyond the statutory obligations: in this way, to obtain a test report that registers a pass, all components of the solution are subjected to testing, even the glazing, which is itself already compliant.

Our product sheets

Burglary-resistant RC3 – RC4 – RC5

CertificationFile type

Bulletproof AK47 and FB4 to FB7

File type

(+XXX) = optional cumulation

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3-point security locks

(depending on the certification chosen)

Manual locks

Winkhaus Hooklock M

3-point locking with two locking hooks. Control via cylinder (manual).

Winkhaus Panicklock (anti-panic)

3-point locking with two locking hooks. Free exit EN179 and EN1125.

Mechanical Fuhr 833

3-point locking.

Anti-panic mechanical Fuhr 833P

3-point locking, free exit.

Automatic lock

Winkhaus Autolock AV3

3-point locking with two locking hooks. Automatic hook locking.

Electric locks

Winkhaus Bluemotion (anti-panic)

3-point locking with two locking hooks.
Motorised locking and unlocking.

Winkhaus Bluematic EAV3

3-point locking with two locking hooks.
Automatic motorised locking / unlocking of the two hooks (when the deadbolt is not locked).

Electric Fuhr 834

3-point locking.

Electric anti-panic Fuhr 834P

3-point locking, free exit.

Anti-panic option

(depending on the certification chosen)

For doors with free exits

For glazed doors:

The glazing must be of class BR6-S or NS single or double glazing.

For solid doors:

Specific infilling and adapted beading with anti-panic bar or handle.

Options & Accessories

(depending on the certification chosen)


RAL finish of choice for interior and exterior use.


  • Protected side of the door: destructible dome for the glazed or solid door according to EN179, anti-panic bar according to EN1125 or hanging door knob;
  • side under attack: free handle, hanging door knob;
  • T-shaped stainless steel hanging pull handle.

Door closer

Surface-mounted or built-in door closer.

Magnetic contacts

  • Built-in magnetic contact: information on the leaf position (open/closed);
  • checking of bolt on deadbolt;
  • contact for rod lock (in the case of a double door).


  • Cable duct integrated into the door block frame for electric locks;
  • manual or automatic espagnolette (in case of double door);
  • BR6 peephole, untested; • additional cylinders and/or keys;
  • option of installing with door sill (compliant) or without (non-compliant);
  • driving pawl (allows for simultaneous opening of a double door without collision).

Type of beading depending on the infilling:

Full infilling: flush plate, sandwich panel and glazing.

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